Congress of free improvised music will take place in Kumrovec – Croatia, will last 3 days and it will be organized by croatian organization GOKUL, austrian organization LIMMITATIONES and slovenian YOUTH  CENTER METULJ from Bistrica ob Sotli.








The goal of the congress is meeting, colaboration,co-working, networking and development of relations beetwen musicians from freeimprovised music, fotographers, sound enginers, painters, philosophers and art&music promoters from Europe and rest of the world.

Artists will be invited from all three organizations involved.  And will be accomodated in the area of Kumrovec. The working space is divided in different locations inKumrovec, with the main base in Spomen Dom. Beside workshops, there will be discussions, debates and lectures about avant garde arts, thinking and historical overview. All the interactions between music and other arts such as painting, photography, dance and sculpturing will be captured by the audio/video team, that will record all the interactions. Which will later bepresented in various exhibitions, instalations, concerts, books and audioformats. The concerts will happen every day as a representation of daily workto the public. Some workshops will also be open to public and some will be opento public interaction.

There will also be workshop organized specially for children, the workshop will be public for the local comunity to join. Local community will also be a very important for the congress. The congress wants to put out  a important message of how intellectual iniciatives in collaboration with art can bring importat answers ofwhat a specific society can turn to, to be able to prosper. Kumrovec is very specific environment based on the socialist infrastructure that is now decaying, for this year the purpose of the congress is to talk and think about the opportunities of alpe-adria colaborations between different countries, try to come to some possible solutions of how music in interaction with other art, can help to bring meanings back in to abandoned buildings in the area.

Artists involved will be able to get to know each others work, collaborate on the spot and try to establish a future network of artists to be able to travel and work with each other also in the future. Also to comeback to Kumrovec every year and colaborate with local comunity.

Congress will be governed by the system of collective and divided into compartments workshops . Thus, participants will be able participate in different approaches in music-making in interaction with artistsand photographers , and audio / video engineers . In several days roaming the participants involved in music research , exchange of views on music creation , create audio and video records and works of art . The results of the workshopswill be at this time presented to the public at several concerts that will be unrolled on different locations in the region and a multimedia exhibition /installation that will then presented in several repetitions in various European cities, specially the ones from Croatia, Austria, Slovenia.  Individual participants after the completionof the exchange arrange for presentation of results in the form of repetitionmultimedia exhibition in the countries in which currently create and live .
Multimedia exhibition / installation will include works created on the 3 day congress as follows: an exhibition of artworks created in the interaction of music and artistic creation , installation of audio and video recordings , aswell as an exhibition of photographs . During post- production , will also documentary and audio compilations on CD , which will be in the future releasedby all three organizations involved.